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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine helps your body heal from joint pain, bone issues, ligament damage, and more. We have the regenerative medicine treatments to help you recover from injuries and diseases and find long-lasting pain relief.

What is Regenerative Medicine Port St Lucie

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine describes treatments that regrow, repair, or replace damaged cells, organs, or whole tissues. Instead of simply treating pain symptoms, we use regenerative medicine to permanently restore the function of structures in your body.

Regenerative medicine focuses on your natural ability to heal tissue that has been injured or is aging. Your body has many healing agents like stem cells and platelets. We harness the special regenerative abilities of these types of cells and cell fragments so that you get an added dose of healing power.

Regenerative Cell Therapy Sometimes Inaccurately Called Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative cell therapy helps heal your body with the use of injections containing natural growth factors and stem cells. These unspecialized cells can transform into any cell the body needs, which is imperative to the healing process. However, your body's own stem cells become less proficient with age and this is why we take advantage of young and incredibly active mesenchymal stem cells.

Our injections that contain stem cells are derived from donated umbilical cords. These cells are harvested with no ill effects to the mother or child and are so young that they have not yet developed an immune system. This means that there is practically no chance of rejection or infection. Both mother and child are monitored closely throughout the pregnancy to insure the health and quality of the tissue.

Stem Cell Therapy Palm City For example, if you have lower back pain that emanates from a disc injury, your body needs to repair the damage that is responsible for your pain. Stem cells will differentiate into the proper cells needed to heal a disc injury. Introducing vibrant, new mesenchymal stem cells into the site of the injury would help your body form new tissues to repair the vertebral cushion and relieve lower back pain.

We inject patients with mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical allografts, sourced from credible tissue banks that follow FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks regulations.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Another branch of our regenerative medicine practice is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). When your body suffers an injury, it releases a chemical that alerts and activates its protective healing processes. When platelets receive this signal, they activate into healing cells.

The more healthy platelets in the area of your injury, the better your healing process. With PRP treatments, a concentrated formula of platelets and growth factors is injected into the site of your injury or pain, thereby increasing and accelerating your body’s healing process.

We will spin a sample of your blood to distinguish the platelets from other blood cells. The plasma and high concentration of platelets will be injected back into your body. Since the injectable comes for your body, there's virtually no chance of rejection.

In addition to stem cell and PRP treatments, liquid amnion allografts are effective for mild and moderate pain relief. Composed of amniotic fluid, this protein-rich injectable solution has regenerative potential in the form of growth factors, amino acids, and more to help your body’s mechanisms with healing.

In order to assess which regenerative medicine treatment is right for your body and type of pain, our doctors need to hear about your condition. We offer new patients a free consultation. During that appointment, we’ll answer any questions you might have about regenerative cell therapy so that we can move forward together with confidence. We want to help you get the best long-lasting, all-natural pain relief you need and deserve.

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