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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain doesn’t only limit your flexibility, but it can stop you from moving your arms freely. A sore shoulder, sharp shoulder pain, or shoulder injuries can make daily activities challenging. Our chiropractor understands the therapies you need for shoulder pain relief and to regain control of your lifestyle.

Chiropractic care provides patients with hands-on treatment for shoulder pain relief. Our chiropractor can improve the mobility of the shoulder joint after manipulating your spine.

Shoulder Pain Relief

Your body may already be hard at work trying to relieve your pain by healing damaged tissue or adapting to the limitation. Specialized stem cells in your body have the ability to repair tissue that’s affected by shoulder injuries. However, this ability is diminished as you advance in years.

Shoulder Pain Relief Port St Lucie To counteract this loss of regenerative power, our medical clinic provides patients with safe stem cell injections from mesenchymal stem cells donated during schedule C-section births. The stem cells contained within umbilical cords are abundant and highly powerful at healing, which is why we offer them to our patients suffering from shoulder pain.

During regenerative cell treatment, new mesenchymal stem cells are injected at the site of your shoulder pain. When they’re introduced into your system, they will differentiate and develop into whatever tissue cells are need of regeneration or repair. By targeting your shoulder pain with a more effective and efficient process for relief, your body’s natural ability to heal is enhanced.

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

A pinched nerve in the shoulder occurs when materials such as bones, disc protrusions, or swollen tissues put pressure on the nerves extending from the spine toward the neck and shoulder. Compression, constriction, or overstretching of the nerve can cause damage.

Pinched Nerve In Shoulder Palm City The cause of your pinched nerve pain is unique, and it may come from a sports injury or a car or workplace accident. Whatever it is, our doctor has the regenerative and alternative pain relief options to give you shoulder pain relief.

Shoulder Joint Pain Treatment

In addition to stem cell treatment for shoulder pain, regenerative medicine includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment. PRP treatment isolates platelets from other cells in your blood, to concentrate the platelets for injection. Once injected, PRP will supply the affected area with added proteins to accelerate healing.

Instead of using your body’s cells, trigger point injections involve a medicinal solution. An extract from the pitcher plant, called sarapin, has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces muscle tension that may be affecting your shoulder, allowing blood and other fluids to enter and further heal the area.

Laser therapy exposes damaged shoulder tissue to low levels of infrared light. The light energy penetrates into the affected area, triggering your body to lessen inflammation and enhance circulation.

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