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Sciatica is the pain associated with the longest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve. It runs through your lower back, hips, buttocks, legs, and feet. Any irritation of the sciatic nerve can cause pain, but our doctors can help identify the source and give you the treatment you need to ensure long-lasting sciatic pain relief.

Sciatica Pain Treatment

We use regenerative medicine for sciatica pain treatment. Sciatic pain can come from the nerve itself or damage to tissues surrounding it. That’s why we use therapies the treat underlying issues in an all-natural way that works with the body’s existing healing mechanisms.

Sciatica Pain Treatment Port St Lucie Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a popular regenerative medicine technique because it uses your own blood for sciatic pain relief. PRP is created from a high concentration of your platelets in plasma. The serum is injected into the site of sciatic pain. The platelets, growth factors, and even stem cells drawn to the site get to work healing nerves, muscles, and bones that are causing your sciatic pain and hip pain or leg pain.

We use stem cell treatment to help our patients recover from sciatic nerve damage and other injuries. Everybody has stem cells, but as you age, so do these cells. We use reputable tissue banks to source healthy and young mesenchymal stem cells that are incredibly proficient at healing. After your examination, we will locate the issue causing your sciatic pain, whether it’s sciatic nerve damage, a herniated disc, or anything else. Then, we will inject the stem cells at the correct site of injury. They immediately begin repairing tissues to restore you to full health.

Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief

Anything that pressures the sciatic nerve can cause an irritating, shooting pain. Although regenerative medicine treatments are ideal, all-natural solutions for sciatica nerve pain relief, we also have alternative treatments.

Sciatica Pain Treatment Palm City Chiropractic care provides patients with a therapeutic alternative to regenerative medicine. By developing a plan, manipulating your muscular and skeletal systems, and improving your nervous system function, our chiropractor will help your body manage symptoms expressed by sciatica. Chiropractic care can relieve pain caused by disc issues and misaligned vertebrae or pelvic bones.

Spinal decompression is a way of reestablishing the space between vertebrae. When the spine is compressed due to poor posture, inactivity, and more, it forces discs and vertebrae out of natural positions. Spinal components then press on the nerves. Therefore, by relieving the spine, the pressure put on nerves will be eliminated.

Laser therapy is another method that targets affected areas to relieve pain. We use light energy to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica is often characterized by sensations associated with hip pain, leg pain, backache, or muscle numbness or weakness. Pain can occur while sitting, or a sharp pain may occur when standing or walking. Anything that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve can trigger pain, cause damage to your body, and in severe cases, cause sciatic nerve damage.

If sciatic nerve symptoms are ignored, the discomfort may expand into chronic pain that affects more than just the primary area. Our doctors will diagnose and treat your sciatica pain with the most appropriate and effective method of pain relief, based on your individual pain and symptoms.

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