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Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee pain, a lack of mobility is hampering your daily activities. Joint pain, runner’s knee, water on the knee, or a torn meniscus are a few common knee problems that our chiropractor has the knowledge and resources to successfully treat. If you want all-natural pain relief to get back to your daily routine, schedule a free consultation today.

Knee Pain Relief Port St Lucie

Knee Pain Relief

The knee is a hinge joint formed by the tibia and femur, and it’s held together by four ligaments. When the joint is forced into an unnatural position, you begin to feel pain.

Chiropractic adjustments reduce inflammation by realigning the skeletal system. Improving the skeletal structure releases pressures on your joints, and better alignment through your hips and knees, allows your lower body to regain mobility.

Regenerative medicine is effective for all-natural knee injury pain relief. It’s a branch of medicine that concentrates on the body’s biological ability to heal damaged cells. Along with alleviating knee pain symptoms, regenerative medicine treatments can help permanently restore the function of your knee.

One application of regenerative medicine is stem cell treatment, and another is platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP treatments are made from a high concentration of your blood platelets and plasma. Our doctor injects the solution into the site of your pain. The higher concentration of growth factors and proteins in the PRP injection will facilitate the repair of bones and ligaments.

Trigger point injections offer a medicinal, plant-based option for pain relief. Though the knee is primarily composed on muscle, nearby muscle knots can radiate pain to the joint. By injecting an anti-inflammatory solution into your knee, your body will feel the muscle-relaxing effects immediately.

Laser therapy is another option, using low-level light to treat damaged tissue. The light energy stimulates bodily responses to enhance blood flow and then reduce inflammation, which facilitates healing in the knee joint.

Stem Cell Therapy For Knees Palm City

Treatments Containing Stem Cells for Knees

Although the capacity of your stem cells lessens with age, introducing young donor regenerative cells amplifies the healing process. We source our treatment material from tissue banks who operate in compliance with the FDA and the American Association of Tissue Banks regulations.

By injecting healthy mesenchymal stem cells into your knee injury, our doctor can help your body heal faster with natural, long-term knee pain relief. Our doctors will administer stem cell treatment without the need for surgery or complex medication plans.

Knee Pain Causes

Knee problems can occur with injury from repetitive movements at work or through sports, degenerative diseases, or cartilage breakdown. If you’re suffering from knee pain when bending, knee tendonitis, a sports injury, such as an MCL tear, or any other knee joint issue, you need the help of a medical pain relief clinic to treat the underlying issue. Don’t let it get worse.

If you are looking for effective and long lasting relief for knee pain in Stuart, Port St Lucie, Palm City and all nearby areas in Martin & St Lucie County, call our medical clinic today at (772) 781-1101 for a complimentary consultation. Our doctor will observe your knee and review your history to find the most appropriate and effective method for your pain.

We can jump start your personal healing process to free you from your pain with the best treatments available. Call us for a free consultation.
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