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Knee Pain

How Cellular Regeneration Helps a Knee Injury

How to treat knee pain? Cellular regeneration achieved through regenerative medicine focuses on repairing and regenerating damaged tissue, bone and cartilage. Tissue that contains any number of the following is injected into the injured area or area of degradation:

  • Natural growth factors, these natural proteins found in human tissue promote cell growth
  • Cytokines, which are specialized growth factors secreted by certain cells of the immune system.
  • Mesenchymal cells – the building blocks of the human body
  • Exosomes, these cell secretions inform other cells as to what they should be doing in order to heal the injured areas of your body.
  • Extracellular matrix, a network of macromolecules such as collagen, enzymes, and glycoproteins – like hyaluronic acid, that provide structural support for the surrounding cells. This matrix aids in cell to cell communication and cell adhesion.
Stem Cell Therapy For Knees Palm City

The cells “home” in on the injured area and dock to the injured tissue. The new cells secrete exosomes, which tell the cells of your body how to heal the injury. They also donate their own mitochondria to your cells that are lacking this vital component.

Mitochondria performs cellular respiration. This means it takes in nutrients and turns them into the energy needed by cells to carry out normal function, which in this case is healing the knee injury, or degraded or damaged cartilage, or synovial fluid.

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Why Does a Body Need Regenerative Injections?

As our bodies age, we suffer age-related decline in the number of cells that produce the growth factors, cytokines, exosomes, mitochondria, and proteins that we need to heal quickly and efficiently. The fitness of these cells also declines as we age. This is the reason that as we age, we heal much less quickly than the very young. It is widely believed that the lack of, or dysfunction of, these cells as we age is the cause of all chronic or degenerative disease.

Cells gathered from young healthy tissue have the benefit of youth on their side and give your system the boost it needs to heal properly. The regenerative tissue used in these procedures comes from donated umbilical tissue collected upon cesarean section. The tissue is immune privileged, meaning that it has not yet developed its own immune system, and therefore there has virtually no possibility of rejection. Both mother and baby are monitored during the pregnancy to ensure the quality of tissue upon donation. Only the highest quality tissue is used in our regenerative treatments.

Knee Pain Relief Port St Lucie

Knee Pain Relief

Knee pain relief should be a result of healing the actual cause of the pain. It should not be about taking medication to dull your pain. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. When you take painkillers, you are not fixing the cause of your pain, you’re simply making it so that your brain cannot feel the pain. When you cannot feel the pain, you risk making your injury worse because your brain thinks it’s ok to perform normal duties and actions. These actions may be causing further damage.

Knee pain relief can be accomplished with either chiropractic care or regenerative medicine. Perhaps the two most important components of the natural knee pain relief treatment that we administer are that we never mask your symptoms with drugs, and all these treatment options are non-surgical. Our practice concentrates on fixing the underlying problem that is causing your pain once and for all.

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