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How to treat arthritis? Chiropractic care is an effective all-natural treatment for chronic joint pain, stiffness, and swelling associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in the hips, knees, lower back, shoulders, hands, and neck. In some cases, regenerative medicine may be recommended because of its ability to reduce inflammation, encourage your body’s own healing mechanism and restore your quality of life. After a thorough assessment, we will create a customized plan to address your arthritis pain and find the solution you need.

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Arthritis Pain Relief Port St Lucie

Arthritis Pain Relief

Our method of providing arthritis pain relief focuses on a natural approach, where we will work to maximize the function of arthritic joints and not just cover up your pain with medication. Whether we use chiropractic treatment or regenerative medicine, surgery and medication will never be discussed as options because they only mask symptoms and don’t address the true cause of your pain. Once the underlying cause has been treated, you will finally find the relief you’ve been searching for.

Through gentle chiropractic adjustment, we can correct misalignments and relieve pressure on various joints in your body. Our regenerative medicine treatment involves injecting young and healthy donor tissue at the site of your arthritis pain to repair and regenerate damaged joints and tissue. We use mesenchymal cells from the Wharton’s jelly of umbilical tissue after healthy cesarean section births. These cells have yet to develop their own immune system, so there is essentially no chance of rejection, and their ‘youthfulness’ helps accelerate the healing process. Only the highest quality tissue is used in our treatment, and both mother and baby are closely monitored during the pregnancy.

What Causes Arthritis?

The pain associated with osteoarthritis is caused by damaged cartilage and is initially identified by redness, heat, and inflammation at the joint. As osteoarthritis develops further, and the cartilage is worn away even more, you experience more pain from the mechanical friction of raw bones rubbing on each other, as well as degeneration of joints.

What Causes Arthritis Palm City

Rheumatoid arthritis is often caused by infection or environmental factors. When your body produces antibodies to fight infections or diseases, your genetics might play a role in diminishing your cartilage as a result.

Post-traumatic arthritis might develop from fractures at joint surfaces and joint dislocations. Your body may secrete certain hormones following injury, which may cause cartilage cells to diminish.

Types of Arthritis

Although the symptoms and pain you feel are unique to your body, there are four common types of arthritis that you might be suffering from.

  • Osteoarthritis is also called degenerative joint disease and is the most common type of arthritis. With osteoarthritis, the cartilage starts to wear away over time. In extreme cases, the cartilage can completely wear away, leaving nothing to protect the bones in a joint. Bones may also bulge or stick out at the end of a joint.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, causing the body's immune system to attack healthy joints, tissues, and organs. When severe, rheumatoid arthritis can deform or change a joint permanently.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis develops following an injury to the hand, wrist, or elbow. This condition may develop years after trauma occurs, such as tendonitis, fractures, or ligament tears.
  • Psoriatic arthritis occurs when psoriasis, a scaling skin disorder, affects the joints at the ends of the fingers and toes. Back pain may happen if the spine is impacted as well.

No matter what type of arthritis you may have, you deserve a treatment program that’s customized for you. We offer free consultations and want to discuss your arthritis and goals with you so that you feel confident in moving forward with the form of arthritis pain relief that your body needs.

We can jump start your personal healing process to free you from your pain with the best treatments available. Call us for a free consultation.
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