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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections are a safe and effective method for relieving pain and discomfort. If you’re suffering from localized or referred pain, our doctors can perform trigger point injections to relieve your back pain, joint pain, knee pain, or pain from other injuries. We will help identify the source of your pain, discuss a custom therapy plan with you, and ensure that your pain is eliminated.

What is a Trigger Point Port St Lucie?

What is a Trigger Point?

A trigger point is a sensitive spot in soft tissue that causes your body to feel weak, irritated, or in pain. These spots don’t just affect the area where they are located but can extend to other parts in your body that they’re connected to.

Myofascial trigger points refer to muscle tissue and the connective tissue around it. When pressure is put on myofascial trigger points, a shortening of muscle fibers will cause pain or discomfort.

Referred pain means that a trigger point in one muscle can create pain in another area. For example, a trigger point in your upper trapezius muscle may radiate pain to the side of your head. Similarly, a trigger point on the left side of your lower back might cause referred pain on your right.

In order to provide pain relief, our doctor administers trigger point injections to muscular knots with a medicinal plant extract. The injections have an anti-inflammatory effect to relax the muscles and help to break apart the painful knots. You will feel immediate relief, but multiple injections may be needed if the muscles are still tight.

If you are experiencing persistent muscle tightness or pain in another area, we can work with you on a comprehensive, whole-body treatment plan to bring about long-lasting pain relief.

Trigger Points in Neck and Back Palm City

Trigger Points in Back and Neck

Trigger points can occur within any muscle of the body, but the most common muscles affected are in the head, neck, and back. Trigger points in the neck and back can lead to headaches, neck pain, sciatica, and chronic back pain.

Common causes of trigger points include:

  • Recent injuries
  • Lack of exercise
  • Improperly functioning body mechanics
  • Structural imbalances
  • Poor nutrition
  • Mental or emotional stress

Ultimately, your body adapts to avoid pain by limiting muscle movement, causing trigger points to occur.

You may experience short-term relief as your body tries to heal on its own, but if your pain is ongoing, and you ignore it, you may suffer permanent muscle damage. The nodules and taut bands of muscle fibers in the neck and back may cause widespread problems, such as fibromyalgia and muscular rheumatism.

Since your pain and symptoms are unique to your body, our doctors want to listen to what’s troubling you. We can work with you on a treatment program to ensure you get the long-term relief you deserve.

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